A letter from Dodger’s foster mom:

Tasked with drafting a word portrait of Dodger, I first made a list of descriptors for this amazing little dog. Once my list reached 10 items, I realized this pup is an enthusiast! Dodger is filled with enthusiasm for, well, just about everything he’s encountered since arriving here three weeks ago.

His interest in me morphed from initial greeting to fast friendship within an hour’s time. He’s demonstrated similar tolerance to family members and strangers we meet on walks or at the vet. He easily accepts pats and rubs from everyone. 

Despite his short stature, this dog agilely jumps from the floor to the back of the sofa in a single bound. This feat just seems to go with his jaunty, happy-go-lucky personality!

Dodger knows sit and lie down. He adores fetching so much that he will play by himself, flinging a toy across the yard, then retrieving it. He walks fairly well on the leash except when he wants to go faster than I do. 

 Other things worth knowing about Dodger-boy:

  • Will stay in his crate at night or during the day without complaining. But, expect a jubilant happy-dance once you open the door!

  • Is housebroken.

  • Does well given the run of the house, but will find grandchild’s stuffed animals to chew on.

  • Can completely destroy an average chew toy.

  • Loves Nylabones.

  • Is picky about dog treats.

  • Is allergic to grass.

  • Gets along very well with other dogs.

  • Loves to snuggle. Will sit beside you on the sofa and rest his head on your chest.

  • Loves to be brushed.

  • Tolerates grooming well.

 Dodger is about six years old and weighs 16 pounds. His adoption fee is $350. 


emily stephenson