A special girl needs a special home

Roxy is a very special girl who’s been with Doodle Dandy for several months trying to learn to trust humans and socialize better. She is a sweet but scared young lady who is not aggressive in any way, just timid and in need of love and patience.

 Anyone interested in adopting Roxy will have the opportunity to speak with the people who have fostered her during her time with Doodle Dandy. By doing so, you’ll get to learn just how far Roxy has come and also understand what to expect as she transitions to her new family. 

 Our best guess is that Roxy is a Portuguese Water Dog. She has a downy, soft coat that sheds very little. She was bought as a puppy, but was kept in a crate and never socialized to humans, which is where her fears developed. She is learning to love her people, but her forever family will need to know it will take time to earn her trust and affection. 

 She loves her foster mom and her human 10-year-old brother. Roxy is more comfortable with women, so we will be looking for a primarily female home for her. She is shy around strangers, and she will let you know she’s scared by barking and growling, but doesn’t approach and has NEVER shown any aggression. But once Roxy begins to trust, she will lovingly return your affections and will even “boop” you with her nose to ask for loving and pets.

Roxy is fantastic with other dogs, loves to run and play in the backyard, and is a huge fan of treats! We think Roxy would do best if there is another dog in the house, as she really loves her canine companions! 

Roxy is currently on anxiety medicine, but once she settles into her new home, you should be able to wean her off of them. Doodle Dandy will cover one follow-up appointment with the behavioral vet who’s been working with this sweet girl! 

We hope to find a peaceful, loving and patient home for this very special girl. If you’re ready to open your hearts to Roxy, please apply today!!

Roxy is approximately 50 pounds, is microchipped, up to date on vaccinations, heartworm negative and on prevention. Her adoption fee is $500.

emily stephenson