Twice the love!

Coco (Chanel) and Freddie (Mecury) are an adorable bonded pair! We think Coco, who’s about 5 years old, might be Freddie’s mom. Freddie is about 3 years old, and these two are a match made in heaven!

 Coco is likely a Cairn Terrier and Poodle mix, and Freddie probably has some dachshund in him. We’re really not sure! Regardless their undefinable genetics, their loving bond is undeniable, and they must be adopted together. You’ll often find them snuggled up close to each other. Freddie will even sleep on top of Coco from time to time. Coco regular grooms Freddie, and protects him during storms. 

Coco is beautiful and she knows it! Her coat has some soft curls, and she is just a happy, playful and cuddly girl! Freddie is just cute silliness! He is playful, loves sleeping on his back, and when he jumps, he flies through the air like superman! They both have some minor shedding, which is easily controlled with regular baths and brushing.

Both pups are housebroken and crate trained, but they will want to sleep in bed with you. They absolutely love tons of attention and cuddles, and they’ll greet you at the door with tons of love and enthusiasm! They warm up to kids after an introduction as long as the kids are gentle with them and not too rowdy around the house.

They get along with other dogs but prefer to have their humans all to themselves. They can be silly and playful, and will provide your household with lots of laughs. These two just want to love you unconditionally and please you with all their heart and soul. In return, they will shower you will love and affection for the rest of their lives!

Coco and Freddie were both heartworm positive when they came to Doodle Dandy, but they’ve undergone treatment, are healthy and ready to find their forever home!

Both pups are microchipped, up to date on vaccinations, heartworm negative and on prevention. Their joint adoption donation is $600.

emily stephenson