Are you a cat person who wants the love of a dog?  We have the perfect pup for you!  

Sassy is a 9 pound, 11-month-old Maltipoo with a white, non-shedding coat. The poor baby was obviously very mistreated in her short life because she was initially very scared of her human foster family. She does come around, but you have to earn her love just like you would with a kitty. Her foster family believes Sassy may actually think she’s a cat!  Sassy also loves to play with cats!

Sassy, AKA Sassypants lives up to her name; she will sass you if you do something she isn’t a fan of and her foster family says it is completely adorable!  

With patience and love, she will become more trusting of her new family.  Ways to encourage her include taking her outside frequently. She LOVES to go into the backyard and run around.  She is a curious pup and loves to follow you from room to room to watch what you are doing. She always wants to be with a human but it sometimes depends on how close :).  

She is fine with strangers, she just doesn’t always want to be petted by them.  She is obsessed with other dogs and cats! She has never shown an ounce of fear with any animal.  She loves to play with them and chase them around.  

Sassy would do well in a home with other animals to play with.  It would be best if she has a home with no young children. She is doggie door potty trained too!

Sassy is spayed, microchipped, up to date on vaccinations, heartworm negative and on prevention. Her adoption fee is $475.  Please note that Doodle Dandy will provide two training sessions with a professional dog trainer to help Sassy with her transition into her new home.  

Lindsay Turman